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Do I need the internet to use PesaTrust?

No.  You can also use PesaTrust by dialling our USSD code *565#

Are you required to register to use PesaTrust?

On the internet, for your safety, we require that you sign up, whether using our Android app or here on our website. On our USSD platform *565# you can shop without signing up

Once you are an online PesaTrust user, you do not have to re-enter your information for any future transactions and will always have an online record of your buying and selling activities.

How does the PesaTrust service work?

Shopping through PesaTrust is this simple from whichever platform, whether USSD or right here on our website


Buyer and Seller agree on the price of the item(s) inclusive of delivery price, and agree to conduct the transaction through PesaTrust


Buyer enters the transaction details (Item Name, Agreed Delivery-Inclusive Price, Mobile Number of Seller)


Buyer deposits the agreed amount into the PesaTrust Escrow Account, inclusive of the escrow fee, using any one of the multiple payment methods available


PesaTrust informs the seller that we have received the amount that was agreed on, and gives the seller a go-ahead to deliver the item(s)


Buyer receives the item(s) that they ordered and verifies that the delivered item(s) is the correct one(s) as ordered.  The buyer does this within the Inspection Period.  If everything ok with the item(s) the buyer informs PesaTrust that he/she has approved


PesaTrust releases he funds that had been held in escrow to the seller

Why should I use PesaTrust's service?

As a buyer, you want to ensure that you get what you paid for. As a seller, you want to ensure that your money is secured when you sell your product. Without an impartial third party between Buyer and Seller, a constant tug-of-war will exist between their respective interests. Or the transaction may never take place because there is no trust.

Buyers will always insist on delivery first and Sellers will always insist on prepayment.

Unfortunately, when both parties are total strangers to each other, are in geographically different areas, and transacting over the Internet or mobile, neither option is wise nor workable.

Using PesaTrust’s service gives them a way in which both parties can have the feeling of security when you buy, sell, or trade with strangers over the Internet.

What are the advantages of using the PesaTrust service?

Simple.  The security of knowing that you wont get ripped off.

Is using PesaTrust more advantageous to one party?

No. Both Buyer and Seller benefit from PesaTrust.  Both parties are assured of their respective interests in the transaction.

What payment methods does PesaTrust accept?

PesaTrust accepts payment by Mpesa, debit/credit card and wire transfer.

When is my credit card charged?

PesaTrust must be able to verify funds before instructions are sent to the Seller to transfer the merchandise. A Buyer’s credit card is therefore charged  after submitting the credit card payment form online. This is a payment to PesaTrust to hold the funds in trust, and not to the Seller.

Who pays the PesaTrust's transaction fee?

The PesaTrust fee is paid by the Buyer, but where the Seller indicates readiness to pay it, we can facilitate that

In a disputed transaction where the merchandise is to be returned to the Seller, who bears the cost of sending it back?

The Buyer pays the delivery fees when the merchandise is returned to the Seller.

What is the inspection period?

The Buyer and Seller will need to agree upon a period of time that is reasonable for the Buyer to inspect the merchandise upon receipt. This period of time is called the Inspection Period. The Inspection period is in days and begins once the Seller has shipped the package.

How and when does the Seller get paid?

When the Buyer has approved the merchandise or the Inspection Period has lapsed, the funds held in trust are sent to the Seller

Note: Payment will not be made until the merchandise has been received and inspected by the Buyer.

How does a Buyer return merchandise to Seller?

If the Buyer declines the transaction, he/she must return the merchandise back to the Seller in its original state.

What if the Buyer forgets to accept that the delivery has taken place?

Funds held by PesaTrust will be released to the Seller after the inspection Period lapses.

What if Buyer refuses to receive shipment?

Buyers will be charged all related shipping and/or applicable costs plus the corresponding PesaTrust service fee if he/she refuses to receive a shipment. The Seller’s shipping costs will then be reimbursed.